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About Cambodia
About Cambodia

Cambodia is a land of contrasts and one beckoning to be explored. Whether it’s admiring the ancient ruins of Angkor, meandering by boat down the mighty Mekong or relaxing on a tropical island, Cambodia and its people captivate all those who visit.

Phnom Penh in particular is a feast for the senses. Deep in history and growing at a rapid rate, this vibrant riverside city boasts a buzzing bar, restaurant and café scene. Influenced by both French and Khmer architecture, beautiful colonial villas and elaborate pagodas are found amongst new and modern buildings that reach the sky. Tuk tuks and motorbikes whiz on by, while street vendors and market stalls sell almost anything you can think of.

The Khmer people have dealt with severe tragedy and loss, yet are some of the most welcoming and friendly souls you will ever meet. The ubiquitous Khmer smile is legendary, as is traditional Cambodia hospitality. Cambodia is truly a land of light and dark, of wonder and hardship – awe-inspiring, heart wrenching and completely unique.

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